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Communications Anytime, Anywhere:

IP Communications is perhaps the biggest trend in strategic IT today and beyond as many companies realize significant returns on investment and dramatic cost savings by migrating from traditional to IP telephony systems (VoIP).

When voice and data travel over the same network, the need to create and maintain a separate telephone network disappears.  Installation costs for new systems drop by 40% to 60% because companies need to only purchase and install one infrastructure instead of two.  In general, industry studies have showed that VoIP systems were on average 22% less expensive to operate than circuit-switched networks.  Moreover, costs associated with employee moves, adds, and changes are virtually eliminated because the tasks can be handled in-house simply by moving an IP phone into a different network jack. Unified communications applications deliver significant benefits when considering employee time savings and financial savings and they enhance the way in which all employees communicate.

Despite the different variety of technology a business has access to and relies on day-to-day in order to communicate, communication bottlenecks still occur all too frequently.  Businesses are increasingly more mobile making it difficult for colleagues to collaborate and employees are bombarded with large numbers of emails, instant messages and voicemail messages making it hard to prioritize and respond in a timely manner.  Communication bottlenecks occur and as a result, productivity declines, delays occur and ultimately service to the end-customer suffers.

eLinear Solutions offers professional services to support end-to-end unified communications solutions. Our vendor certified implementation engineers and solutions consultants are highly qualified with years of solid enterprise-class life-cycle implementation experience.

eLinear’s team can provide the following IP telephony technologies to help organizations improve communications:
  • Assessments for IPT Readiness
  • Solution Design (security design, emergency number design, dial plans, contact center, etc) and Deployment
    • Easy-to-use, integrated applications and tools enabling voice, video, Web conferencing, call management, directories, and presence information to allow more effective  communications and productivity
    • Transparent integration of communications applications with e-mail, calendar, and directories, simplifying contact and information-sharing among users
  • Secure media and transport protocols to provide added protection for sensitive calls and messages
  • Complete mobility, improving customer response time, and reducing missed calls
  • Integration of contact center applications to maximize agent productivity and customer satisfaction

eLinear implements messaging, conferencing, and customer contact applications that integrate with both existing and IP systems to provide maximum flexibility and allow you to migrate to IP communications at your own pace. Most businesses will realize substantial savings and productivity gains by migrating to IP communications.

Benefits of Unified Communications Systems

Installation costs for new systems drop by 40% to 60% because companies need to only purchase and install one infrastructure instead of two.
VoIP systems are on average 22% less expensive to operate than circuit-switched networks
More effective communication capabilities
Ability to Reach the Right Person the First Time
Customer Satisfaction
Unprecedented Levels of Collaboration
Streamlined Business Processes
Impact on Top & Bottom Line
Reduced Communication Bottlenecks
More Informed and Responsive Customer Service
Improved Customer Loyalty and Profitability
Reduce Company Expenses
Reliable Communications

Highlight Features

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Rich Media Conferencing
Voicemail & Messaging
Customer Contact
IP Phones and Endpoints
Video Telephony & Conferencing
Unified Communication Clients
Quick and Easy Deployment, Configuration and Administration
Call-Processing Software
Mobility and Conferencing
Multi-Channel Contact Center
Self-Service Capabilities
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Simple Moves, Adds & Changes

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