Intelligent Buildings by eLinear:

eLinear’s Intelligent Buildings division focuses exclusively on hospitality, healthcare, commercial and residential real estate. We use technology to deliver a converged infrastructure, which positively impacts ROI by reducing project costs, increases a building’s operational efficiency and enables owners and operators to create new business models and revenue streams. As energy costs continue to rise globally and as competition stiffens on a global basis, organizations are turning to technology to differentiate their offering. Senior managers are scrutinizing their building system strategies, and are looking for well-integrated solutions to enable them to capture and retain customers, and offer more personalized and relevant services from which they can generate incremental revenue.
Through our proprietary process methodology, we uniquely provide each property with its own return on investment (ROI) model and bundled product offerings as we work with your building operations vendors to best utilize the Fourth Utility infrastructure. Owner, Operator and Tenant values are the driving force behind this approach which leads to leasing advantages, operational effectiveness and increased customer loyalty.

Market Leaders

eLinear utilizes best-of-breed technologies, including those from world-wide market leader, Cisco and the Cisco Connected Real Estate platform, along with a consortium of leading vendors in cabling, automation, controls, applications and billing solutions to create robust, reliable and secure solutions. eLinear provides high quality, open standards based services that are maintained from a single support number 24x7x365.


All of our services create value.

Creating value is a hard dollar, quantifiable process. We will show you, through our proprietary process, how to increase ROI in a planned project.

We will work with you to understand the vision for a property, the competitive situation, as well as, the schedule and budget. Nearly every solution we offer has at least a cost covering ROI associated with it and often a new revenue stream or significant, demonstrable cost saving and capital cost avoidance element as well.

We can help you create marketing and leasing advantages, tenant/guest loyalty, energy savings and operational efficiencies. Further, our innovative real estate concepts and practices have the potential to change the way you look at tenant space.

The Fourth Utility

The Fourth Utility infrastructure is the foundation stone to deliver the next generation tenant experience and a more operationally efficient building. The Fourth Utility infrastructure is a technology foundation and accompanying services for a commercial real estate property.

Frequently, such a foundation will include a conduit, riser and horizontal pathway design, fiber optics, various types of wireless coverage and switching and routing gear for voice and data, billing, management applications and services. Typical services include dial tone, broadband, television, ambient music, digital signage localize and personalized information services and more.

eLinear’s Intelligent Buildings solutions team is able to design this entire infrastructure from the curb, throughout the property and the vertical and horizontal elements in the building structure.

This highly efficient foundation creates a significant return on investment by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary or redundant infrastructure
  • Enabling operational efficiencies
  • Adding revenue generating services
  • Delivering Tenant Value
  • Creating a future-minded property

In commercial real estate, technology as a general term impacts the tenant experience, marketing plan, pro forma, design, amenity list, and construction and move schedules more than ever before. This is due in-part to progressing lifestyles, technology advancements, tenant technology complexities, competitive pressures and technology standards. The Fourth Utility infrastructure enables developers, owners and managers to stay in step with the impact of technology as well as position themselves to take advantage of future enhancements. With The Fourth Utility infrastructure multiple types of building service enhancements and tenant services will be accessible to the owner or manager.

eLinear’s Intelligent Buildings team will bundle and productize the resulting tenant services, including an ROI and cash flow model.

The company will also provide or certify multiple applications that utilize the infrastructure such as Internet, telephony, ambient music, television, security monitoring etc.

eLinear’s Intelligent Buildings team will use industry best practices equipment and service providers along with open systems architecture and protocols.

Digital Signage

One of the hottest areas of interest in real estate technology is digital signage. Digital signage is simply electronic screens, such as plasma and LCD that are usually centrally controlled and have changing content along with advertisements, live television, news and more. They are frequently used for way-finding and other property related information. With advancements in technology and the Internet, as well as the Fourth Utility, properties owners and managers can control multiple signs and even multiple sites from a central location. This provides incredible control, reach and marketing opportunities.

The highest and best use of this equipment is to have interactive signs so that tenants, visitors and customers can react to the information on the screen for a deeper level of information, entertainment or actual commerce. This can all be set up as a monthly service that can be designed, monitored and changed frequently. With centralized control it is easy to scale, change and get statistics on sign usage and user feedback.

Building Performance Software

Operational costs such as energy have always been an opportunity for landlords and managers to improve margins. Studies indicate that in a 500,000 square foot (ft2) building with average energy costs of $1.80/ft2, cutting costs by 25% will produce $250,000 in enhanced NOI. At a 10% capitalization rate this could amount to a $2.5 million increase in property value.

There are many ways to increase energy efficiency both in the design for planned buildings and retrofits for existing buildings. Further, there are a number of energy management solutions that will run on The Fourth Utility. But the challenge is to know how efficient your design or existing building is in the first place and what changes would produce what results. Historically, energy efficiency analysis is an expensive process that involves many man hours and reams of static data. Hence, it is rarely done. However, rising energy costs as a whole and instability in oil specifically is bringing this issue to the forefront.

Intelligent Buildings will work with a variety of integrators and manufactures and the building owner to create suitable remedies for the gaps identified by the Toolkit.


Integrated Approach
Billing Platform
Wired and Wireless Voice, Data, Video and Audio
Lower infrastructure costs
Lower installation costs
Upgrade and retro-fit benefits
Lifecycle cost savings
Integrated Security
Significant ROI achieved by:
Eliminating unnecessary or redundant infrastructure
Enabling operational efficiencies
Adding revenue generating services
Delivering Tenant Value
Creating a future-minded property

Return on Investment and Savings

Text: Up to 35% savings in Design & installation phase combined

For a typical Turnkey Project Profile :

Engineering and Commission – 20% Save 5%
Installation – 40% Save 15-25%
Control Systems – 10%
Hardware & Equipment – 20% Save 3-5%
Warranty – 2%
Profit – 8%
Total – 100% Save up to 35% Total
36% reduction in average cost per square foot operating and maintenance cost due to:
Reduced energy usage
Reduced labor
Faster maintenance and upgrades and less downtime

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